Posted by: Gyaneshwer | July 3, 2012

Sachin Gaur-Life Apps | Mobile Harvest – India

Sachin Gaur our, former ICAE member and a very good friend, who has left his PhD position from University of Helsinki, just in a zest to serve our nation and to raise the sociocultural status of poor people in India. His decision shook us and many of us was not convinced and considered it as a emotional decision inspired by Bollywood cinema.

After more than a year hard work of Sachin has brought a great discovery when he and his team has developed a simple mobile application, considering that fact that mobile is the most important tool of life in India and elsewhere.

On behalf of all ICAE members, we are very happy to see his achievements and would like to wish him all the best for the future.

Edit: I still remember meeting with him while going to StarEst hotel for Diwali celebration in 2007-08. We (Ripul, Sachin and me) were in the same public bus and he was trying to test his phone’s tweak (which he did on the same day) to map the bus route over some kind of system, similar to present day GPS!

Below are some of the news and a video:

His team:

and the video:


  1. I support and appreciate his decision…before leaving his study he must have though a lot on it and if he has decided, that may not be an emotional decision. We all discuss about problems in our country but rarely very few like him can actually take this kind of stand for the nation. I think I do not have that much of courage to take such decision on the cost of my professional career but I really admire his greedless step towards raising the sociocultural status of poor people in India.

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