Posted by: Gyaneshwer | December 27, 2013

Supreme Destination and Happiness- Prof. Rajkumar Buyya in Tartu

What is the supreme destination for happiness? It is a fundamental question which humanity answer on its own way: many of them follow the ‘running for money’ approach but never been able to satisfy themselves, but the system explained by Professor Rajkumar Buyya was the most parsimonious and major solution of all the major problems existing in the world. I was highly impressed with his down to earth personality and also learned a lot from his most informative presentation.

I used to hear from preachers and gurus that the path of supreme is extremely hard but Prof. Buyya explained it in a very convincing and easy to follow. Prof Bhuyya is one of the world’s topmost researcher in his area. More about him can be seen here

His original presentation can be downloaded from here

Some of the pictures of his presentation can be seen here:

We are very much thankful to Gayatri-Satish Srirama family for organising this event.

Video of his full lecture is here:


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