Posted by: indsocest | February 6, 2016

The growing Indian PhD’s from Estonia

The year 2015 was quite productive for the Indian Students in University of Tartu. As we reported earlier, four of our students defended their PhD dissertation. This masterstroke of year 2015 has increased the total number of Indian students defended their PhD in Estonia to, five. We hope that the year 2016 will be also highly productive and we extend this number to double digits.

As you might not know, that for defending a PhD in University of Tartu, one needs a first author and two co-author peer-reviewed international papers (altogether three) which is extremely hard considering the four years of time. This becomes even more harder when one has to do in parallel the course work and obtain the credits in the same time period. However, all of them worked hard, published peer-reviewed papers in highly reputed journals. Indian Society Congratulates them and wishes for their bright future.

Two of the PhD’s were in Chemistry discipline, one each was in Gene-Technology and in Molecular Biology. Currently Dr Girinath Pillai is the head of a German company in India; Dr. Sandip Kadam has joined the same department as researcher; Dr Pratyush Kumar Das has moved to Helsinki for his postdoc and Dr Chandana Basu is working as a researcher in Estonian Biocentre.

Interestingly, the ethnic origin of these five stars covered the five states of India (see the picture). We hope that the future students will fill the gaps in remaining states.

Read more here.

PhD thesis of Chandana Basu

PhD thesis of Sandip Kadam

PhD thesis of Girinath G Pillai

PhD thesis of Pratyush Kumar Das

Jai Hind!



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