Posted by: Gyaneshwer | August 30, 2016

69th Independence Day of India in University of Tartu, Estonia

Before planning for the celebration of 69th Independence Day, we’re worried about the weather condition in Tartu.  But fortunately, it was a nice sunny day on 15th August (which is quite rare in Estonia). Seeing the great enthusiasm of Indian students from University of Tartu, we since 26th January 2016, we started to organize such events in University of Tartu premises. To continue this tradition, as usual Chandana contacted the Rector office few days ago before the event, which was approved only in the morning of 15th August! Hon.Indian Ambassador  Sri Ashok Sharma Ji was kind enough to send his message for us.


Dr Sandip Kadam and Sagar Patel were highly enthusiastic as usual :). They are  one (very similar to Pratyush) who always inquire and always be on their toes for such events.

From the morning Chandana has started the preparations (preparing some tricolor sandwiches and chai). Vedant has also helped her in arranging the flags :), which was sent by Mr DK Basu (Chandana’s father) from India.


We reached on time. and within 15 mins everybody was ready to participate and witness this event of pride. Sandip and Chandana suddenly planned for a parade and they called all of us for a quick rehearsal. We had a hilarious ‘Sultania fun‘.

After all these fun, we had a great parade instructed by Sandip.


This celebration was special by adding Mr Amal Kanti Guha in the family with us who has hoisted Indian flag. Mr Guha is father of Dr Mithu Guha (Senior Researcher in Biomedicum). He is retired chief engineer from Indian Railways.  Sagar read the message of Hon Ambessador,  Sri Ashok Sharma Ji. Katyayini recited the poem of Sri Rabindra Nath Tagore. At the end all had delicious tricolor  Sandwiches desi chai made by Chandana and Son-Papadi especially sent by Dr Vijay Singh from Germany.


At the end Katyayini Singh gave an inspirational speech. We are grateful to the Rector office University of Tartu for the permission and help. And also to the Indian students, researchers to participate in the event.

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