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69th Independence Day of India in University of Tartu, Estonia

Before planning for the celebration of 69th Independence Day, we’re worried about the weather condition in Tartu.  But fortunately, it was a nice sunny day on 15th August (which is quite rare in Estonia). Seeing the great enthusiasm of Indian students from University of Tartu, we since 26th January 2016, we started to organize such events in University of Tartu premises. To continue this tradition, as usual Chandana contacted the Rector office few days ago before the event, which was approved only in the morning of 15th August! Hon.Indian Ambassador  Sri Ashok Sharma Ji was kind enough to send his message for us.


Dr Sandip Kadam and Sagar Patel were highly enthusiastic as usual :). They are  one (very similar to Pratyush) who always inquire and always be on their toes for such events.

From the morning Chandana has started the preparations (preparing some tricolor sandwiches and chai). Vedant has also helped her in arranging the flags :), which was sent by Mr DK Basu (Chandana’s father) from India.


We reached on time. and within 15 mins everybody was ready to participate and witness this event of pride. Sandip and Chandana suddenly planned for a parade and they called all of us for a quick rehearsal. We had a hilarious ‘Sultania fun‘.

After all these fun, we had a great parade instructed by Sandip.


This celebration was special by adding Mr Amal Kanti Guha in the family with us who has hoisted Indian flag. Mr Guha is father of Dr Mithu Guha (Senior Researcher in Biomedicum). He is retired chief engineer from Indian Railways.  Sagar read the message of Hon Ambessador,  Sri Ashok Sharma Ji. Katyayini recited the poem of Sri Rabindra Nath Tagore. At the end all had delicious tricolor  Sandwiches desi chai made by Chandana and Son-Papadi especially sent by Dr Vijay Singh from Germany.


At the end Katyayini Singh gave an inspirational speech. We are grateful to the Rector office University of Tartu for the permission and help. And also to the Indian students, researchers to participate in the event.

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Happy Sri Krishna Janmastami

Indian Society in Estonia wishes a very happy Sri Krishna Janmastai to all. Love and Peace.

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Nepal relief fund 2015: Indian Society and Tartu University

In June 2015, we have started the Nepal Relief fund with the help of University of Tartu, Estonia. The motto was to make a direct help to the people affected with the disastrous earthquake.  Several people associated with the University have helped us and finally we sent the money directly to Nepal through Prof George vanDriem and Krishna. I am happy to tell that our money was directly used for a good cause. Below I copy/paste e mail from Krishna about the development of Sunkhani people. We are grateful to the people who have donated for this good cause. We are also grateful to Karoliina, Rector’s office–  University of Tartu, EstoniaMs. Katrin Tiirman from the Student Council (TÜÜE) and many other helping hands.
Send to: rektor[at]
The Rector of Tartu University
Tartu, Estonia
Dear Kind People of Tartu University,
I am writing to express our heart-felt gratitude for your generosity in support of the earthquake victims in Nepal.
We thank you cordially for your exceedingly generous donation of 1,121.38 Swiss francs to the Sunkhani Village Relief Fund following the devastating earthquakes in Nepal. This sum was received as on the 27th of May 2016, as shown in the attached bank statement screen shot. Your donation has gone to the affected households directly. No fees or overhead were nor will be deducted from your donation.
Dolakha and surrounding districts were severely ravaged during the 7.9. magnitude 1st Great Nepal Earthquake of 25 April 2015 and the 6.7 aftershock of 26 April 2015. The epicentre of this powerful aftershock, a major earthquake in its own right, lay just 10 km west of Sunkhani village in Dolakha district. Then on 12 May 2015, Sunkhani itself became the epicentre of the 7.4 magnitude 2nd Great Nepal Earthquake.
100% of your generous donations were disbursed. No overhead costs were deducted from your donations, and to date no other earthquake victims in Nepal have benefitted from direct cash disbursals in this way. This struck us as an obvious thing to do, and we can bear witness to the fact that the earthquake victims are exceedingly happy. Your generous help has also received good media coverage in Nepal. Five photographs of the disbursement of your contributions are also enclosed.
1st article in Nepali
1st article in English
2nd Nepali article
3rd Nepali article
It has been over a year since the earthquakes, which were followed by an economic blockade of many months by India. Meanwhile, the reconstruction work of international donor agencies is conspicuous by its absence, perhaps in part because these agencies are compelled to work through a government manned by the kleptocratic politicians. Even today, the government has disbursed no funds and has not begun reconstruction. Instead, corruption is rife. Here are just three links out of many that will illustrate the appallingly cynical dimensions and the grotesquely opportunistic nature of the problem.
Government to sell rice received in grant for quake survivors
Aid for Nepal is falling way short amid concerns for corruption
Quake victims still in dark how to go about rebuilding
All of this alarming news is yet another vindication for the grassroots perception which we shared with the earthquake victims themselves from the very outset, namely that money should be disbursed in cash personally to earthquake victims. These unsettling reports also form a shrill contrast with the good news which your donations have made possible.
As you know, the Sunkhani Village Relief Fund is a private initiative to rebuild Sunkhani village. The project is run by Kul Prasad “Krishna” Shiwakoti, proprietor of Krishna’s Kitchen & Cottages, and Prof. George van Driem, chair of Historical Linguistics at the University of Bern. None of the funds raised will be diverted to overheads or to the maintenance of the project itself.
In addition to the websites above, I am attaching some documentation which shows the work that has been done with your donation. In addition to the direct disbursements to the heads of householders rendered homeless in the villages of Sunkhani and Sundravati, the funds have also gone to rebuild lives and futures, not just houses. As described in the attached article, over a dozen children who were poverty stricken and who had abandoned school as a result of the earthquake have been sent back to school.
Many kind wishes,
Kul Prasad “Krishna” Shiwakoti
1. Bank statement screen shot showing receipt of Tartu donation
2. Article in the Nepali newspaper Saralpatrika
3. English translation of the Saralpatrika article
4. Article in the Nepali newspaper Nâgarik ‘The Citizen’
5. Five photographs of the disbursement ceremony (5 items)
6. New article documenting aid to schoolchildren
7. English rendering of earthquake schoolchildren article
8. From helper to helper (Movers & Shakers Video Magazine, 3 (25), 22 July 2016)
All attachments can be downloaded from here.
List of people who have donated
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Holi 2016

Indian Society Estonia wishes to a very Happy Holi to everybody.

Holi is the he spring festival celebrated to commemorate the victory of good over evil and the two-day celebration starts on Purnima. The first day of the festival is also known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi. The ancient Hindu festival has now become very popular throughout the country and is also celebrated by the Indian diaspora and non-Hindus across the world. Indian Society also celebrate every year this amazing festival with colors. We update this blog with the picture of this year.



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The growing Indian PhD’s from Estonia

The year 2015 was quite productive for the Indian Students in University of Tartu. As we reported earlier, four of our students defended their PhD dissertation. This masterstroke of year 2015 has increased the total number of Indian students defended their PhD in Estonia to, five. We hope that the year 2016 will be also highly productive and we extend this number to double digits.

As you might not know, that for defending a PhD in University of Tartu, one needs a first author and two co-author peer-reviewed international papers (altogether three) which is extremely hard considering the four years of time. This becomes even more harder when one has to do in parallel the course work and obtain the credits in the same time period. However, all of them worked hard, published peer-reviewed papers in highly reputed journals. Indian Society Congratulates them and wishes for their bright future.

Two of the PhD’s were in Chemistry discipline, one each was in Gene-Technology and in Molecular Biology. Currently Dr Girinath Pillai is the head of a German company in India; Dr. Sandip Kadam has joined the same department as researcher; Dr Pratyush Kumar Das has moved to Helsinki for his postdoc and Dr Chandana Basu is working as a researcher in Estonian Biocentre.

Interestingly, the ethnic origin of these five stars covered the five states of India (see the picture). We hope that the future students will fill the gaps in remaining states.

Read more here.

PhD thesis of Chandana Basu

PhD thesis of Sandip Kadam

PhD thesis of Girinath G Pillai

PhD thesis of Pratyush Kumar Das

Jai Hind!



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